Chart Wise: Training and Technique

Teterboro is one of the busiest business aviation airports in the United States, handling 178,000 takeoffs and landings annually, many on IFR flight plans. Most runways offer a straight-in approach, except Runway 1. KTEB’s proximity to nearby Newark Liberty means the best approach available to Runway 1 is the ILS Runway 6, circle to land Runway 1.

Circling approaches can be challenging, as a Learjet 35A crew tragically learned in May. They failed to begin the circling maneuver early enough, and the aircraft crashed near the approach end of Runway 1. Obstacles, such as a tower nearly 700 feet high sitting just east of the final approach fix, where jet aircraft often begin the circling maneuver, add to the pressure of this approach at KTEB.


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