Commuting to the Line

When your home base is not your airline’s base, how do you make it work?
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How To Prepare for Your First Airline Training Program

One major milestone of an aviation career is passing your first Part 121 training program.
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Building the Dream, Continued

Airline captain Sam Weigel introduces us to his "dream home" in progress on a grass strip in the Pacific Northwest.
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Networking Strategies That Will Get You Noticed by the Airlines

Networking is one of the few things you can do for your aviation career that is free and can begin on day one.
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Pass Your Next Check Ride Like a Pro

A professional pilot offers straightforward advice on how to make passing your next check ride a breeze.
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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Professional pilots are facing a dilemma: do you build hours toward captain at a regional airline or jump to an LCC?
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Too Old to Switch Careers?

An airline captain weighs in on whether you should consider the change.
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Switching Careers Late in Life, Part 2

Sam Weigel talks about Dick Karl's career switch to flying Part 135.
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Switching to a Flying Career Later in Life

FLYING columnist Dick Karl explains to Sam Weigel how he made the transition from cancer surgeon to Part 135 pilot.
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Game Over for Regional Airlines?

The regionals need pilots with experience to operate but such pilots are suddenly in huge demand by major airlines.
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