Switching Careers Late in Life, Part 2

Sam Weigel talks about Dick Karl's career switch to flying Part 135.
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Switching to a Flying Career Later in Life

FLYING columnist Dick Karl explains to Sam Weigel how he made the transition from cancer surgeon to Part 135 pilot.
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Game Over for Regional Airlines?

The regionals need pilots with experience to operate but such pilots are suddenly in huge demand by major airlines.
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Glass Cockpit or Steam Gauges for Training?

Sam Weigel offers advice about the pros and cons of learning to fly in glass cockpit aircraft.
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What Is the Right Age To Start Flight Training?

Flight training before graduating high school is an excellent idea for any teenager interested in a flying career, but don’t rush.
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A Taildragger Can Be an Inexpensive (and Fun) Way To Build Flight Time

A professional pilot's stick and rudder skills typically derogate over time and a taildragger is one of the most cost effective ways to ...
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Should You Buy an Airplane for Training and Time Building?

FLYING does the math for you to provide some answers to the question.
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Can Airline Flow-Through Agreements Benefit Your Pilot Career?

Sam Weigel offers pros and cons about flow-throughs and what they could do for your career progression.
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Oshkosh Is for Pro Pilots, Too!

Opportunities to learn, network, and have fun make Oshkosh a worthy destination for new or aspiring professional pilots.
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What’s the Big Deal About Seniority?

In the airline business it holds the key to many things, work-related and otherwise.
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