Is This the End of the Pilot Shortage?

A professional pilot discusses what it all means and what you can expect going forward.
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Pilot Mental Health Remains the Last Taboo in Aviation

Horizon Air jumpseat incident could provide the impetus for the industry and FAA to address the growing issue.
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After a Training Fail, What Comes Next?

Depending on how you handle it, this can become your biggest stumbling block or an unexpected asset.
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On the ‘Bax’ Foot: A Lifelong Writer Tackles the Spoken Word

Quelling nerves over a rare public speaking engagement sparks memories of legendary FLYING writer Gordon Baxter.
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How Professional Pilots Can Survive Probationary Periods

A career pilot offers practical tips for airline new hires.
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Allure of International Flying Lies Across the Glittering Sea

If you guessed the primary draw of being an overseas airline pilot is those nice layovers, you'd be right.
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Financing the Pro Pilot Dream…Without Getting Scammed

Here’s some advice on how to negotiate obstacles that might stand in the way of paying for training.
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V1 Rotate: New Zealand by Air

Tag along on an incredible aviation adventure.
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Just Another Day in Airplane Heaven

FLYING contributor Sam Weigel gets settled into his new home, complete with a private grass airstrip, nestled near the Olympic Mountains.
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A Primer on Pilot Certificate Conversions

When flying abroad, you have options to explore by air if you obtain the privilege.
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