Just Another Day in Airplane Heaven

FLYING contributor Sam Weigel gets settled into his new home, complete with a private grass airstrip, nestled near the Olympic Mountains.
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Playdate Provides Chance to Explore the Cascades

A GA pilot and his flying pup enjoy the bachelor life for a bit on some mountain airstrips.
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Mission to Étampes

In June 1944, Lancaster ND533 took off on its final flight.
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Taking Wing: Beyond the Uniform

Military or civilian pilot, after a few years the differences fade.
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A Flightless Bird Returns to the Skies

A Stinson trapped by a hangar building project is ready to fly again.
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Life’s a Beach…When You Fly Into One

And when you’re a very good boy, your owner takes you along for the ride.
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Delays, Mistakes All Part of Building a Dream Hangar

An aviation homestead becomes a sort of finishing school for a commercial pilot, acquiring some of the more practical skills missed out on ...
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Anatomy of a Bomb Cyclone

Three cities, two coasts, and one massive weather event.
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A Superheated Shortage

The ongoing pilot shortage, which has been decades in the making, has recently delivered satisfying scenes of deferred comeuppance, according to a professional ...
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When the Best Aircraft Plans Go Awry

A pilot had dreams of buying a Cessna 195. That is, until he laid eyes on a blue and green 1946 Stinson 108.
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