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  • Steve Dickson

    Former Delta executive Steve Dickson's path to confirmation as the next FAA Administrator is expected to be a smooth one despite pointed questions from senators.

    Steve Dickson, a former executive with Delta Air Lines, is widely expected to be confirmed as the next FAA Administrator despite facing heated questions about the twin…
  • David Davenport

    Change in management structure maintains two president positions.

    Longtime FlightSafety International executive David Davenport assumed role of sole CEO at the company after he shared the title for the last six months with another…
  • bombardier-crj550

    Significant cash awards are available to the winners.

    The RAA has opened the application process for its annual scholarship program to students interested in a career with the airlines.
  • XTI TriFan 600 scale prototype

    A 65 percent-scale version of the VTOL aircraft hovered about a foot off the ground in first flight trials.

    XTI Aircraft said a scaled-down prototype of its in-development TriFan 600 VTOL aircraft has completed its first test flight.



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    10 models that are about to hit the market.

    These 10 new general aviation airplanes are stoking demand in a market that appears near the end stages of a protracted slowdown.
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    How a former airline pilot bought airplanes.

    Flying columnist and former airline pilot Les Abend discuses the lessons he learned through the years buying used light airplanes.
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    The pros and cons of buying a kit-built airplane.

    Not many airplane buyers shop for kit-built models, but these airplanes can prove to be exceptional values while allowing for braoder customization options due to FAA…
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    The benefits of having an expert on your side.

    A broker isn't necessary when buying or selling an airplane, but due to the complicated nature of such transactions they can make all the difference in a deal's success…
  • Pilatus PC-12 Engine

    How to unlock more performance and efficiency from a turboprop or jet.

    Turbine engine upgrades can help owners of jets and turboprops unlock greatly improved performance and efficiency.
  • King Schools Falcon 10 Twinjet

    The pros and cons of owning an older bizjet.

    Owning an older business jet can seem like a bragian to the low initial purchase cost, but that's only one facet of the pricey issues an unaware buyer may face.
  • Flight Engineer
    FLYING's Aviation Career Network showcases the best jobs in aviation and aerospace as well as connecting aspiring professionals with employers.



FLYING's Aviation Career Network showcases the best jobs in aviation and aerospace as well as connecting aspiring professionals with employers.

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