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KITPLANES: Explore the exciting world of homebuilt aircraft.

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 FLYING has undergone the most comprehensive upgrade in almost 100 years. FLYING is still creating content by pilots, for pilots. This magazine features the highest quality covers, paper, and ink to make a coffee-table worthy magazine so beautiful that it belongs in a museum.

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Why You Should Read FLYING

As the world's most widely read magazine, FLYING has delivered reliable information on aircraft selection, safety, maintenance, new product development and the latest technology, avionics, accessories and equipment since 1927.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is new at FLYING?

FLYING, established in 1927, is an iconic brand in aviation, providing the best coverage of the General Aviation market. In July of 2021, FLYING was acquired by pilot and media executive, Craig Fuller (read more about it here). FLYING is committed to bringing you the highest quality aviation content, including a monthly print magazine, excellent digital content, and video content built for the pilot or the aspiring pilots.

How many issues do I receive with a year long subscription?

Depending on the format you select, you will receive 12 new issues per year with your subscription. If you select the print + digital or the print version, you will receive 12 hard copies delivered to your address. If you selected the print + digital or the digital edition, you will receive digital replicas of the magazine when it releases as well as access to the iOS and Android apps for downloading issues offline to your phone or tablet device.

Can I subscribe internationally?

Yes you can! There is options for Canadian and International on the subscribe page. Simply select your country, fill in your address and information, and you will receive a subscription. Please allow more time for your issues to arrive due to shipping from the US.


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