McCauley Completes Wind Tunnel Testing For New Beechcraft Denali Propeller

C1106 propeller features a 105-inch diameter, composite, five-blade, and constant-speed design.
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For a Ferry Pilot, Routine Is Good

What does it take to make a long career out of ferrying airplanes? We fly with Margrit Waltz.
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Kodiak 100 Reaches 300 Deliveries

Daher marks the utility turboprop’s milestone with improvements to the aircraft and service network.
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Denali Takes First Flight Behind Catalyst Engine

The new turboprop brings together the Beechcraft airframe and GE Aviation powerplant for the first time in the air.
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Embraer Predicts Market Growth Through 2040

Company offers slightly optimistic projections; a “deceleration” compared to pre-COVID growth.
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