Flying the Truckee-Lake Tahoe Region

The year-round vacation hub in offers food, outdoor pursuits, and Olympic history.
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This 1967 Cessna 150 Is a Modified, Tail-Dragging ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Many 150s have been converted to tailwheel landing gear, but they remain rare sights.
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This 1975 Cessna 177RG Cardinal Is a Sleek, Segment-Splitting ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Developed as a 172 replacement, the Cardinal eventually filled a higher-end slot in the market.
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This 1998 Beechcraft B36TC Bonanza Is a Fast, Flexible ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Turbocharging and a longer wing give this specialized Bonanza an advantage at altitude.
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Purdue Global and Questar III BOCES form Aviation Education Partnership

Program aims to give students more flexibility in pursuing flight training and aviation careers.
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This 2019 Honda HA-420 HondaJet Elite Is a Feature-Packed ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Known for category-leading speed, the compact HondaJet outperforms some larger business aircraft.
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This 1974 Cessna 182P Skylane Is an All-Around ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Known for performing a range of missions well, the Skylane is sought-after on the used market.
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Sales of Aviation License Plates to Begin in Florida Later This Year

Proceeds from the plate sales will help fund aviation education.
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This 1975 Piper Cherokee Six Is a Winged SUV and an ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

An enlarged version of the original PA-28, the Six will be familiar to pilots who trained in Pipers.
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This 1990 Embraer Tucano Is a Military-Spec ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

Developed during the late 1970s for the Brazilian Air Force, the Tucano trainer grew popular around the world.
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