Today’s Top Aircraft For Sale Pick: 1941 North American AT-6D Texan

This World War II advanced trainer is still preparing pilots to fly high-performance fighters.
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Today’s Top Aircraft For Sale Pick: 1974 Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow

Piper tucked in the wheels of its basic PA-28 model to create the sleeker, faster Arrow
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Diamond DA42 Twin Makes First SAF Flight

The flight test at Bremen Airport in Germany marks the beginning of an extensive SAF evaluation program.
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Beta Technologies’ Electric Aircraft Completes Cross-Border Flight

The trip from Plattsburgh, New York, to Montreal marks another step toward certification.
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Neste Makes Deal to Boost SAF Availability in Southern California

Storage arrangement with Vopak makes use of logistics and distribution support.
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Today’s Top Aircraft For Sale Pick: 1995 Learjet 60

This later, larger model retains the distinct look that helped the Learjet stand out since its first flight.
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Airbus Helicopters Unveils PioneerLab Sustainability Platform at Aviation Conference

Specially equipped twin-engine test helicopter seeks to save fuel and use more recyclables.
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Today’s Top Aircraft For Sale Pick: 2023 Tecnam P2010 TDI

Modern high-wing combines stability and familiarity of a trainer with sleek looks and improved performance.
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Today’s Top Aircraft For Sale Pick: 1973 Bellanca Citabria 7KCAB

Unlike many vintage taildraggers, this Citabria is designed to handle aerobatics.
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Remember the Importance of Keeping Your Ideal Aircraft Clean

Smashed bugs and other bits of debris can mar an airplane’s appearance and aerodynamics.
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