Brazilian Startup FlyBIS Inks Deal for 40 Eve eVTOLs

The agreement between the air mobility startup and FlyBIS focuses on developing eVTOL transport in South America.
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Blue Origin, Partners Pitch To Build NASA Artemis Moon Lander

NASA last year picked SpaceX to provide a lander for first missions to the lunar surface.
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Lilium Says eVTOL on Track for Certification

German aircraft company’s Q3 update includes new round of fundraising.
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Joby Partners With Aviation High School to Train eVTOL Technicians

The New York City high school program is part of the company’s plan to prepare services and infrastructure for electric aircraft.
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Finding Your Ideal Aircraft: Squawks Are Part of Aviation Life

Airplanes are packed with complex equipment that is bound to have problems occasionally.
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Archer’s Maker eVTOL Makes Transition From Vertical to Forward Flight

Prototype electric aircraft is a testbed for technology Archer plans to use on Midnight, a design it hopes to certify with the FAA.
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Airbus, Renault To Work Together On Electric Vehicle Technology

The aircraft maker plans to benefit from the car company’s years of electric vehicle experience.
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General Atomics Receives DARPA Contract To Develop Liberty Lifter Seaplane

The conceptual platform is designed to carry heavy loads while flying in ground effect.
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Airbus Highlights Efforts to Cut Greenhouse Gases

Company’s annual summit was the setting for unveiling a zero-emission aircraft engine and plans for SAF promotion.
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FAA Proposes Regulations To Ease eVTOL Certification

The agency considers temporary certification as a step toward integration of new aircraft category.
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