Garmin Adds Newer Citation Models to Its G5000 Avionics Repertoire

The upgrade will be available for installation following supplemental type certification approval by the FAA, which is expected in 2024.
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Air Force Pilot-Training Numbers Come Up Short of Aspirations

The service had set a goal of adding 1,500 new pilots this year.
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FAA Advances on Controller-Pilot Datalink Availability

The announcement comes a month after NBAA and GAMA petitioned the agency to act on the issue.
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FAA Assigns Boulter to Permanent Safety Position

Prior to joining the FAA, David Boulter served as a pilot, flight instructor, check airman and chief pilot of a regional airline.
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Aircraft Descent Planning Includes Slowing Down for a Bumpy Ride

‘Coasting’ downhill at high airspeeds isn’t always a good idea.
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Amar Bose Dies at 83

Acoustics pioneer had a soft spot for general aviation.
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Van’s Aircraft Spells Out Touchscreen Options

Dynon and Garmin products vie for orders.
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FAA Completes GA Airports Study

497 previously unclassified airports considered.
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LSA Crashes Near Kitty Hawk Memorial

Appeared to be on approach to land.
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Fatal TBM 700 Accident Occurs In Front of Wedding Party

Witnesses described the newly registered turboprop in a flat spin.
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