Airbus A340 Pilot Makes History in Antarctica

Commander details first A340 landing in one of the coldest and most remote places on Earth.
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Rolls-Royce Claims Records for ‘World’s Fastest’ All-Electric Aircraft

Engineers clock Spirit of Innovation research airplane at 345.4 mph.
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Curious About Boom Supersonic? Here Are Five Things to Know

Colorado-based company aims to get passengers in the sky by 2029.
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Exosonic, Twelve Partner For Supersonic Jet SAF

Under the MOU, Exosonic's UAVs and airliner would be fueled by sustainable aviation fuel produced through carbon transformation technology.
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Embraer Introduces Line of ‘Green’ Airplanes

Company says the four concept aircraft are being evaluated for technical and commercial viability.
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We Fly: The Generation 2 Cirrus Vision

Technology and performance enhancements elevate the SF50.
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