ZeroAvia Acquires Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Developer HyPoint

ZeroAvia will incorporate HyPoint’s high-temperature fuel cell technology into development of its hydrogen-electric aircraft powertrain.
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Prop Cracks Prompt Air Force To Ground Some C-130H Cargo Transports

The cracks in the propeller assembly were discovered after a technician noticed a persistent leak on a C-130H propeller, the Air Force said.
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China’s Comac C919 Obtains CAAC Certification

The certification, which was announced in a ceremony in Beijing, greenlights operations and airline deliveries of the C919 airliner.
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Wisk Unveils Generation 6 eVTOL Air Taxi Prototype

The four-passenger, all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is the first candidate for FAA certification for autonomous, passenger-carrying air taxi, the company ...
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How Combat Forged an Israeli Fighter Pilot

One month after graduating from the Israeli Air Force Academy, the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War broke out, thrusting Zvi Kanor into his first days ...
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Military Aircraft Repositioned as Florida Bases Prepare for Hurricane Ian

Defense officials finalized preparations that included relocating military aircraft from bases around the state as Hurricane Ian began its assault on southwestern Florida ...
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FAA Researching UV LED Lights for Prevention of Increasing Bird Strikes

The UV LED light the FAA is testing is housed in traditional landing lights and is compatible with older aircraft.
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Report: Russia’s War Call-Up Prompts Run on Airline Seats

Flights out of Russia are reportedly selling out as citizens attempt to flee the country following the announcement of a new military mobilization ...
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B-21 Stealth Bomber Rollout Date Set

Questions remain about how much of the top secret B-21 Raider will be publicly revealed during the event.
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Air Force Approves KC-46A Tanker for Worldwide Deployment, Including Combat Operations

The Pegasus tanker offloaded 1.46 million pounds of fuel to 66 aircraft over the course of 206 flight hours.
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