U.S. Navy, Air Force Banking On Top Gun: Maverick Recruitment Boost

The USAF produced a slick recruitment ad featuring high-speed F-35 and F-22 maneuvers to run before Top Gun: Maverick in theaters.
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Marine Corps To Advance Uncrewed VTOL Program

Marines are looking to unmanned vertical takeoff and landing aircraft to support logistics for distributed operations.
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USAF Crew Sets Record With 24-Hour KC-46A Pegasus Flight

The record-breaking sortie was an endurance test of the U.S. Air Force tanker that’s replacing the aging KC-135 fleet.
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Aloft Unveils Tool Aimed at Clarifying FAA, Local Drone Operation Rules

The new geospatial management tool will provide drone operators with FAA and local air and ground space advisories, the company said.
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How Aviation Weathered the Fuel Crisis of the 1970s

The shortage that began in 1973 left an indelible mark on aviation, but it wasn't all bad.
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