Future Looks Questionable for Portage Airport in Wisconsin

Pilots are rallying to prevent the closure of the facility not far from Oshkosh.
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FAA Plans to Hold Runway Safety Meetings at Airports Across the U.S.

Many of the nearly 90 fields involved have a significant volume of GA operations.
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FAA Awards $92M for Airport Net-Zero Emission Goals

The funding will go toward solar panels, electric infrastructure like buses and charging stations, and unleaded fuel.
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Recalling Glenn Curtiss on a Flight into Albany International

The aviation pioneer made a famous journey from a nearby farm field in 1910.
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FAA Investing $100M in Bid to Curb Runway Incursions

The grant money will go to a dozen airports with risk factors that contribute to incidents.
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New Aviators Hotel Plan Aims to Take the Friction Out of Flying

The new development plan at North Omaha Airport includes a 76-room hotel plan.
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Flooding at Fort Lauderdale Airport Causes Cancellations

Hundreds of flights were canceled after a storm dropping more than 25 inches of rain prompted the airport to temporarily shut down operations.
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FAA To Invest Nearly $1 Billion in U.S. Airport Infrastructure

The awards going to the 99 airports are funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which was signed into effect in late 2021.
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Tornado Flattens Hangars at Airport in Eastern Oklahoma

A NOTAM projects David Jay Perry Airport to be closed for a week.
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Illinois GA Airport Unveils New Brew

St. Nicholas Brewery's Wheelz Up IPA at KMDH is advertised as the “first beer brewed in a general aviation airport.”
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