FAA To Invest Nearly $1 Billion in U.S. Airport Infrastructure

The awards going to the 99 airports are funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which was signed into effect in late 2021.
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Tornado Flattens Hangars at Airport in Eastern Oklahoma

A NOTAM projects David Jay Perry Airport to be closed for a week.
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Illinois GA Airport Unveils New Brew

St. Nicholas Brewery's Wheelz Up IPA at KMDH is advertised as the “first beer brewed in a general aviation airport.”
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FAA Issues New Airport Safety Rule

The FAA is mandating the implementation of safety management systems at 200 of the busiest U.S. airports.
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City Council Votes To Close Santa Monica Airport

The airport's closure is set to begin by 2028.
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The Black Ribbon of Roosterville

The 20-foot-wide landing strip at Roosterville Airport is one of the narrowest paved public-use runway in the state of Missouri.
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Opposition Growing to Plans For New Sea-Tac Reliever Airport

Three possible site locations are under consideration as state officials predict the airport will max out its capacity by 2050.
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FAA Adds Optimized Profile Descents at 11 Airports

The new airport approach routes are expected to smooth landings while also saving about 90,000 gallons of fuel annually, according to the agency.
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Investment Group Offers Cargo Hub-in-a-Box to Regional Airports

Regional airports have the opportunity to catch spillover cargo traffic, especially for e-commerce, according to the company.
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Historic Hangars of the Pacific Northwest

A weathered hangar at Jefferson County International Airport has housed plenty of aircraft maintenance and aviation history.
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