Fighter Pilot Film Devotion Opens This Week: 4 Things To Know

Korean War biopic is packed with aerial footage and human drama.
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B-17, P-63 Collide at Wings Over Dallas

As of Saturday afternoon, the status of the pilots and crew on the aircraft had not yet been released by officials.
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D-Day Squadron Details Plans for 80th Anniversary Flight To Normandy

EPST offers free time in its Douglas DC-3 flight sim for pilots training for the event.
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Remembering the Mighty Men of the 381st Bomb Group

This all-volunteer museum in England honors the memory of the 381st Bomb Group stationed there during WWII.
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Antonov Rebuilding World’s Largest Cargo Aircraft, ‘Mriya’

The Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer said it expects rebuilding the aircraft destroyed by Russian fighters to cost at least 500 million euros.
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Inside the ‘Spruce Goose’

FLYING takes you on a must-do tour inside the iconic Hughes Flying Boat.
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P-51 ‘Tuskegee Airmen’ Flies Again

Iconic Redtail to be displayed at Wings Over Dallas.
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History of Agricultural Aviation Reveals a Series of Turning Points

Industry’s growth has been marked by interesting watershed moments.
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Single-Pilot Ops Originated in Europe

The two-pilot crew began as an American initiative during World War II.
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Restoring a Beech Super 18 to Former Glory

The 1954 ‘Hollywood Bomber’ was owned by Jackie Cochran and flew famous characters as a business transport.
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