When the Nose of a Camel Starts to Wander

Some pilots claimed that the Camel’s proclivity for uncoordinated flight became an advantage in aerial combat.
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Museum Spotlight: National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

With such a broad range of artifacts from throughout the USAF’s history, curators have collected a long list of must-sees.
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Museum Spotlight: Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

The museum's favorite aircraft among visitors was left abandoned in a swamp for decades before it was found and restored.
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First Flight Society To Name Latest Honoree, Honorary Members

Event marks 119th anniversary of Wright Brothers’ first powered flight in 1903.
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Devotion Is Worth Watching If You Haven’t Already—Or Even If You Have

The film's aerial coordinator Kevin La Rosa discusses with FLYING the movie's many treats for pilots and aviation fans.
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Cessna’s Pursuit of a Full Cantilever Monoplane

The aviation pioneer joined Travel Air, but soon struck out on his own again.
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Clyde Cessna Helped Form Legendary Aviation Trinity in Wichita

The founder of the Cessna Aircraft Company started from DIY roots.
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Fighter Pilot Film Devotion Opens This Week: 4 Things To Know

Korean War biopic is packed with aerial footage and human drama.
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B-17, P-63 Collide at Wings Over Dallas

As of Saturday afternoon, the status of the pilots and crew on the aircraft had not yet been released by officials.
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D-Day Squadron Details Plans for 80th Anniversary Flight To Normandy

EPST offers free time in its Douglas DC-3 flight sim for pilots training for the event.
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