Watch: Taking Off in a B-29 Bomber

Come along as FLYING staff writer and technical editor Meg Godlewski takes one heck of a ride.
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A Once-in-a-Lifetime Flight Aboard the B-29, Doc

For a warbird enthusiast, pilot, and student of aviation history, the trip around Seattle in the restored aircraft pushes all the buttons.
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Can You Be A Pilot If You Have Diabetes?

We explain how someone taking insulin and wants to fly possibly can.
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Before Top Gun, Other Aviation Movies Inspired Us

As we all prepare for the release of the Top Gun sequel, we look back at other films (and one TV show) that ...
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Historic Hangar One Getting Google-Funded Makeover

The airship hangar from the 1930s at Moffett Federal Airfield is being restored by Google Planetary Ventures.
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