Respect the Darkness of the Black Hole Departure

The conditions can make takeoffs challenging and sometimes downright deadly.
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AirVenture Announces Group Arrivals

EAA has published its schedule for mass arrivals at this year’s fly-in convention.
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Daher, GAMA International Internship Program Looking for Candidates

The four positions offer the opportunity to be paid to explore careers in aviation.
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Hands-Free Flashlights in the Cockpit

FLYING reviews two new options from Flight Gear.
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‘Masters of the Air’ Miniseries Is Must-See TV for Aviation Buffs

Apple streaming show, based on the 2007 book, chronicles the
heroics of World War II B-17 missions.
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Wing Damage Diverts United Airlines 757

No injuries were reported in Monday’s passenger jet incident.
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Boeing Changes Leadership of 737 Program

The staffing changes are ostensibly designed to improve quality control and image with customers.
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Who Wins the Battle of the Aviation Kneeboards?

We test-fly a few that are custom made for the iPad Mini and find a few we liked.
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What’s the Difference Between Currency and Proficiency?

The FAA establishes one metric, and you determine the other.
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Skyryse Calls New Fly-by-Wire Helicopter a ‘Game-Changer’

Company executive says the Skyryse One is the first production fly-by-wire helicopter piloted with a single control stick and two touchscreens.
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