Boeing 777X Test Flights Suspended Over Engine Issue

The potential issue was discovered during a borescope inspection of a flight test engine.
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NTSB Releases Preliminary Report on Fatal Texas Midair Collision

Investigators are scrutinizing altitude deconfliction procedures at the airshow prior to the accident.
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Civil Air Patrol Assists In Monitoring Hawaiian Volcano Lava Flow

The purpose of the CAP flights was to gather photos and video of lava flows with regard to possible danger to downslope communities.
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Sling Pilot Academy Partners With SkyWest

Under the new partnership, students will have a direct path to obtaining commercial pilot certification.
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Hawaii’s Volcano Eruption ‘An Exciting Thing’ for Pilots

Volcanic ash clouds can foul aircraft engines, ruin aircraft exteriors, and release hot, poisonous gasses that can be deadly for pilots.
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Guard Your Logbook

An instructor weighs in on who writes what—and where—in a pilot’s logbook.
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Two Rescued From Aircraft Left Dangling From Powerlines

The Mooney M20J collided with an electrical transmission tower as it was on approach to Montgomery County Airpark.
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Why Does the Pilot in Command Sit on the Left Side of the Cockpit?

When side-by-side seating became more common, the PIC took the left seat. Theories abound as to why this is.
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Pilot Who Became Incapacitated During Flight Dies

In the United States it is mandatory to have two pilots aboard during Part 121 operations for safety.
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Downed Caravan That Killed 4 Lost Wing in Flight: NTSB

The NTSB reported that the right wing of the 2021 Cessna Caravan separated from the airframe before impact.
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