The ‘Spin Doctor’ and the Art of the Spin

Spins are not as scary or dangerous as some pilots make them out to be.
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9 Tips for Choosing the Best Part 61 Flight Instructor

A CFI offers ideas to help you make the choice.
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Tailwheel Versus Tricycle Gear

Aviation’s version of the Ginger-versus-Mary-Ann debate, pilots have strong opinions about their undercarriage.
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How 2018’s Q400 Tragedy Changed the CFI Perspective

The anniversary of the intentional crash serves as a reminder to one CFI to keep her guard up.
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NTSB Releases Preliminary Report on Las Vegas Midair

Two airplanes, one runway
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Air Plains Offers Trig Nav/Com Stack

The new Trig TX56 and TX57 will update certain Cessna singles.
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When Do You Know It’s Time To Change CFIs?

Knowing when to say ‘when’
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Did You Lose Something at Oshkosh?

Help the toy bunny make it home from AirVenture.
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Blue Angels Return to Seattle’s Seafair Celebration

The Emerald City’s annual festival returns in full force, loud and proud.
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E-Z WINGS Makes Getting Credit for FAA WINGS Activities Easy

New app streamlines the process to get credit for checkrides and flight reviews.
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