When Do You Know It’s Time To Change CFIs?

Knowing when to say ‘when’
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Ditching a Cessna 150

Shoulder harnesses and seat belt cutters are your friends.
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Respect the Limitations of the Solo

When anti-authority, invulnerability, and macho butt up against the solo endorsement, the result is not good.
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Make Friends With the E6B

Whether the mechanical version, the electronic version, or the app, it can give you important help when you need it.
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Use Your Checklist

Knowing how and when and why to do things in the airplane starts with this easy reference tool.
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The Mock Check Ride: Find Your Weak Spots

A practice check ride before you meet your examiner could help you pass.
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Don’t Forget To Enjoy the Now

Key questions to ask yourself to get the most out of your lessons.
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Non-Aviation Life Can Help Your CFI Tailor Your Lessons

There are skills from day-to-day activities that can help you in the cockpit.
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The Things You Need to Know Before You Solo

Learning to fly an airplane is not like learning to drive a forklift or a stick shift.
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Checking the Weather Is More Than Looking Out the Window

Learning how to access weather reports and interpret them is a foundational lesson.
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