Guard Your Logbook

An instructor weighs in on who writes what—and where—in a pilot’s logbook.
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Pilot Certification: You Have to Earn It

Endorsements are not guaranteed for private pilot check ride applicants showing up unprepared and under-experienced.
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Should You Buy Your Own Aircraft For Flight Training? 

Here's a rundown of what you should consider before buying an aircraft for flight training.
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Renting an Airplane Isn’t Always Easy. Here’s Why.

Renting an aircraft is not like renting a car.
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Prop Safety: Treat Spinning Blades With Respect

It is not just sharp propeller edges that can hurt you when the engine is off.
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What a CFI Wants You to Know: Always Check NOTAMs

Ignorance does not excuse you from being responsible for their contents.
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Pilots Need to Follow Instructions

The learner’s unwillingness or inability to follow instructions can carry into the airplane.
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When Smoke Gets In Your Skies

Pilots must look for factors that could potentially turn VFR into IFR conditions.
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Avoiding Mid-Airs: Safety in the Practice Area

Best practices for practice.
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Everything You Wanted To Know About the FAR/AIM but Were Afraid To Ask

The big book is your friend.
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