Respect the Pattern at All Times

It's more than altitude and entries when it comes to airport traffic.
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Loss of Thrust on Takeoff

Always expect it and be prepared to respond safely.
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Use Study Guides for a Better Check Ride Experience

It’s important to go in well-prepared to thwart the Dunning-Kruger effect.
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Procedures for Stable Approaches

Verbalizing ‘pitch, power, trim’ is one of the main things to remember.
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Be a Courteous Guest at the Airport

It’s important to respect the facility rules because they’re written for a reason.
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Three Hours of Just-in-Case Training Is Required

It’s always best to not get caught out at night or IFR without the proper preparation.
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Fly as Many Different Aircraft as You Can

The experience is worth more than the hours and offers a host of opportunities.
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The Learning Plateau Is Always Challenging

When learning to fly, you can count on that to be part of the process.
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Making the Most of a Ground Lesson

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can learn today.
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Scenarios for Training

Being ready for anything takes practice.
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