Practice Makes Pilots

Repetition remains the key to improving your skills.
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Always Be Prepared to Divert to Another Airport

Training to land within 25 miles of your home field starts before the first solo.
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The Art of the Touch and Go

A lot happens quickly in this variation on a normal landing.
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There’s Risk in Failing to Brief Your Passengers Before Flight

Authority and responsibility for the operation and safety of the flight means you're the one responsible for the passenger safety briefing.
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Math 101 for Pilots

From calculating the reciprocal course to stabilized descents, here's a primer of basic mathematics pilots need to know.
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When Are Pilots the Most Dangerous?

Complacency can often get the best of you, so do your best to avoid it.
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7 Ways to Control Your Check Ride Destiny

If it feels like the many requirements for your check ride aren't lining up, you are not alone.
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It’s Common Sense: If You Borrow It, Return It

Whether it’s headsets, tools, or teaching supplies, always get permission first and make sure to give them back.
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Keeping It Down to Head Off Noise Complaints

The busier an airport gets the more likely it is that noise abatement procedures will be created.
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How to Keep Your Aviation Library Current

The latest PHAK update incorporates several minor changes, with a new version expected in 2024.
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