Here’s the Lowdown on ‘Vertical Visibility’

During any flight, a pilot will encounter several different flavors of visibility.
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The Down-Low on Wind Shear

There are some things your CFI may not have taught you from the TAF.
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Aviation Weather Center Website Upgrade—the Good, Bad, and Ugly

While the site was due for an update, some of the changes haven’t necessarily been a step forward.
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The Point Forecast Sheds New Light on TAFs

The TAF may contain the most difficult aviation weather predictions to make.
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Fog: the Malignant Weather Ninja

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Teaching Analog Skills in a Digital World

Stepping back from digital options requires a different type of learning curve.
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NOAA Changing Weather Site

The update aims to make aviation forecast information easier to use and understand.
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Flights Scrapped as Florida Braces for Hurricane Idalia

Cancellations continue at several airports, resulting in a domino effect across the nation's air travel grid.
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Beware of the Benign

Rain showers and thunderstorms are one and the same from a pilot's perspective.
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Is the Shift in Tornado Alley Related to Climate Change?

From year to year there may be a stark contrast in where severe weather strikes, especially thunderstorms that produce tornadoes.
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