How Can dBZ Values Be Negative?

Doppler images are packed with important life-saving guidance—assuming a pilot knows how to interpret all the pretty colors.
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Are Pilots Required to Call Flight Service for a Briefing Before Departure?

Regulations don’t specifically state that you must, but skipping the interaction can leave you open to potential FAA scrutiny.
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Does ASOS Have a Built-in Lightning Detection?

If an automated surface observation system does not have a lightning sensor in the array, it may still report lightning.
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Beware of the Benign

Rain showers and thunderstorms are one and the same from a pilot's perspective.
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Navigating Smoke

Smoke can present a hazard to all pilots, but especially those flying under visual flight rules.
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Is the Shift in Tornado Alley Related to Climate Change?

From year to year there may be a stark contrast in where severe weather strikes, especially thunderstorms that produce tornadoes.
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Staying on Top of the Freezing Level

Winter and airframe icing are like peanut butter and jelly; it’s hard to imagine one without the other.
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What Do Pilots Need to Know About Temperature Inversions?

Temperature inversions are quite common in the lower troposphere and are created by several different atmospheric processes.
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Winter on Watch

Broad-scale weather patterns impact the Eastern U.S. in the colder months.
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Why Is Area Forecast Discussion Important for Preflight Planning?

The AFD is a vehicle for the forecaster to document technical reasoning behind the forecast they just issued.
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