What’s the Difference Between Currency and Proficiency?

The FAA establishes one metric, and you determine the other.
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Do Missing Instruments Ground an Airplane?

Know what you need to be legal.
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What Is the Difference Between a Fly-In and an Airshow?

There are some subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the two.
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Is Flying Through Snow an Icing Hazard?

There are a number of factors to consider carefully.
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What’s the Ideal Age to Start Flying Lessons?

Is there such a thing when you want to learn to fly? It depends.
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Do Hours Logged Ever Expire?

It’s important to maintain an up-to-date logbook so you don’t have to repeat training.
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What If the Door Comes Open During a Flight Lesson?

Know what to do when and if it happens.
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What Is Mixed Icing?

The icing type that accretes on your airframe depends on many environmental factors.
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Why Don’t All Airports Have Control Towers?

What factors determine tower installation at a particular location?
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Who Made the First ‘Blind’ Takeoff and Landing?

Instrument flight has come a long way since the early days.
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