The Fizzled-Out Promise of the Lockheed ‘Flatbed’

The concept aircraft would utilize an open platform and various modules to carry a wide variety of loads ranging from military equipment to ...
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The Unconventional, Bizarre Bell Airacuda

The Bell YFM-1 long-range and heavily armed escort fighter featured twin pusher engines housed in glazed nacelles.
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That Time Cessna Made a Helicopter

In the 1950s, Cessna acquired Seibel Helicopter Co. and began work on the CH-1 Skyhook.
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McDonnell’s ‘Moonbat’ Definitely Stood Out in the Early 1940s

The XP-67 was developed in the hopes of outperforming the Air Force interceptors of the time period.
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The Close Call of the Northrop YA-9A Prototype

The close air support YA-9A had intriguing design features despite losing a pivotal contract to replace the aging Douglas A-1 Skyraider.
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Smaller, Lighter Cessna 327 ‘Mini Skymaster’

The 327 was Cessna’s solution to a downsizing opportunity. Then it ended up in a NASA wind tunnel.
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The Unconventional, 440-Pound Aerosport Rail

This remarkable aircraft lacked a windscreen or enclosed fuselage but made up for it with a second engine.
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Beechcraft Twin Quad: A ‘Feederliner’ That Almost Was

Though the V-tail was the most notable design feature of the aircraft, it paled in comparison to the originality and uniqueness of the ...
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The High Speed, Low Drag Northrop X-21

The prototype's wing lift was artificially boosted by an extensive pattern of razor-thin slots in the upper wing surface to reduce drag.
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The Quiet Little Life of NASA’s QSRA

NASA's Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft was designed to navigate inner-city airports in dense population centers.
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