A Perfect Day for Flying

Ideal conditions don’t happen often for aircraft owners, so celebrate them when they do.
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The Ryan YO-51 Wowed with STOL Performance

The design was developed as a liaison and observation platform for the U.S. Army Air Corps.
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Managing the Doldrums of Winter

There are things pilots can do to keep themselves and their aircraft prepared during extended periods of gray.
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Flaris LAR 01 Still Has Potential

While only one has been built, the single-engine jet appears to be in flight testing.
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Vintage Aircraft Ownership Is Best Viewed as 2 Hobbies in 1

Knowing the airplane’s inner workings and maintenance is an entirely separate proposition.
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Pilatus PD-01 Master Porter Was an Ambitious Concept

Although the airplane was never flown, it definitely stood out when introduced to the public in 1974.
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Making Personal Rules

Even short flights can provide learning experiences that change how you fly.
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The T8F Is Luscombe’s ‘Crazy Uncle’

While similar to the rest of the company’s lineup in many ways, the model features many unique quirks.
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Panel Upgrades: Small Investments, Big Improvements

For owners of older aircraft, there are several relatively low budget upgrades out there that can make a big difference in the cockpit.
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The RFB Fantrainer Turboprop Was Meant to Handle Like a Jet

While the model did meet the company’s goals in some respects, its performance was underwhelming.
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