When a New Airplane Taps Into Old Dreams

Here's how a Nashville coffee shop owner turned his passion for flying his taildragger into a new career.
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How NASA’s Unconventional Bell X-14 Almost Landed in the Scrapyard

The X-plane explored VTOL technologies and was used by NASA astronauts to refine their moon-landing skills.
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Looking Beyond a Pre-Purchase Checklist

Predicting future headaches with your new aircraft means becoming an amateur detective.
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Boeing Bird of Prey Shrouded in Secrecy Still

Named after a Klingon spacecraft from Star Trek and given the designation “YF-118G”, the jet incorporated dramatic design inside and out.
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The Specter of Upgrade Fever

Much like with bicycles, aircraft ownership can lead to an enjoyable journey toward a perfect spec sheet.
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The Increasingly Rare Pleasure of the Beechcraft Skipper

Beechcraft developed its own modernized entry into the primary trainer market after compiling a list of the most desired Cessna 150 improvements.
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The Rise and Stall of the Piper PA-47 PiperJet Program

The airframe configuration of the single-engine Piper PA-47 PiperJet presented a unique set of engineering challenges.
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Will This Perfect Day for Flying Go Unpunished?

The small tailwheel cut into the grass strip's soft mud like a pizza cutter, leading to dreaded consequences.
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The Short Run of the Burns BA-42

Despite an aerodynamic cleanliness of its airframe, the light piston twin suffered in a crowded market in the 1970s.
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Don’t Tempt Fate With Your Airplane’s Red Flags

It's ok to be "a little stitious" and take a hint from the challenges fate throws at you.
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