The Large, Slow-Moving Shadow of the Convair L-13

Designed by Stinson and manufactured by Convair, the L-13 visually seems to have been cobbled together by Dr. Frankenstein’s aerodynamicist cousin.
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Piper J-3 Cub’s Heritage of Simplicity, Reliability

An enchanting legacy that you can fly.
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The Daunting Endeavor of Buying Your First Aircraft

Don’t venture too far into the weeds without first determining which direction you’d like to go.
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The Little Eclipse Concept Jet That Almost Was

The Eclipse 400 Jet bears a strong resemblance to the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet.
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How Not to Fall Off Your Airplane

An airfield accident while refueling a Cessna 170 leads to powerful lessons.
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Northrop Tacit Blue: Ugly Duckling of Stealth Aircraft

While a Northrop official described the Tacit Blue as one of the most unstable aircraft ever flown, its data aided in the development ...
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The Power of the Local Aviation Grapevine

To tap into the plethora of local intelligence, whether for an aircraft purchase or a lead on hangar space, you must connect personally ...
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Dornier Do-31: World’s First and Only VTOL Jet Transport Ever Built

The Do-31 utilized the same main engines as the Harrier, complete with their own rotatable nozzles to control direction during vertical flight.
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The Power of Modifying Your Prop and Wings

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase the thrust of a modestly-powered engine is via the propeller.
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Unique Aircraft: The duPont DP-2, a Futuristic VTOL Boondoggle

Resembling a composite, modernized version of the 1950s-era Bell X-14, the duPont Aerospace DP-2 concept failed to deliver on lofty promises.
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