Flying Through a Wisconsin Winter

A new aircraft owner learns lessons and discovers solutions that make winter flying more fun.
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Boosting Your Mood Is an Unexpected Perk of Aircraft Ownership

An airplane can provide its own unique form of therapy, allowing an owner to escape everyday life and emerge mentally refreshed.
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5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Airplane

When buying your first airplane, it's time to 'think outside the box.'
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The Blank Canvas Tradeoffs of a Fixer Upper

If the airplane is safe and mechanically sound, a Stinson that's a bit shabby opens it up to buyers of modest means.
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Charting a Course Towards a Memorable Pilot Gift

Thinking outside of the box and finding unique items could be just the ticket for a memorable gift that’s easy to give and ...
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The Daunting Endeavor of Buying Your First Aircraft

Don’t venture too far into the weeds without first determining which direction you’d like to go.
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How Not to Fall Off Your Airplane

An airfield accident while refueling a Cessna 170 leads to powerful lessons.
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The Power of the Local Aviation Grapevine

To tap into the plethora of local intelligence, whether for an aircraft purchase or a lead on hangar space, you must connect personally ...
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The Power of Modifying Your Prop and Wings

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase the thrust of a modestly-powered engine is via the propeller.
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Appreciating the Importance of Aircraft Logs

Losing your aircraft logbooks can be devastating, possibly leading to tragic repercussions.
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