Golden-Hued Memories of a Late Summer Fly-In

Like sampling a fine wine, one can slowly mosey around the airport, have relaxed conversations, take in the vintage airplanes, and lazily discuss ...
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Sizing Up Your New Aircraft

Ergonomics is one aspect few people consider in selecting an airplane to buy.
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Registering a Custom N-Number for Your New Airplane

Many owners select tail numbers with personal meaning, and some are assigned to the aircraft types they display.
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Keeping the Vintage Cool During a Panel Upgrade

Garmin’s GI 275 flight instruments update a 1953 Cessna 170B panel without sacrificing its original round gauge aesthetic.
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Lesser-known EAA AirVenture Tips for the New Owner

When traveling to Oshkosh, don't forget the pizza delivery, solar lights, and storm shelters.
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Making an Old Panel New Again

During an instrument panel upgrade, problems can turn into not-too-terribly expensive opportunities for adding functionality and reliability.
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The Adventures of a Panel Redesign

Limitations are inherent in modifying old panels.
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Pride of Ownership and the Insult of Neglect

If we can collectively intervene and convince the neglectful owners to pass their machines on to people committed to maintaining them, we all ...
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The Calculus Behind the Ultimate Panel Modernization

When considering a panel upgrade, here are four things to evaluate when determining what end benefits justify the expense.
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House Hunting As a First-Time Airplane Owner

An increasing number of airpark homes appear to be transitioning to non-pilot owners with no intention of using their hangar for its intended ...
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