Appreciating the Importance of Aircraft Logs

Losing your aircraft logbooks can be devastating, possibly leading to tragic repercussions.
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Tundra Tires Bring More Than Just Good Looks

A Cessna 170 owner makes the mod that his heart desires most.
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Three Lessons Learned From a Year of Airplane Ownership

A new aircraft owner shares underappreciated and least-anticipated learnings.
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Should Your First Airplane Be a Taildragger?

A pilot who recently acquired one weighs the limitations and benefits of owning a tailwheel airplane.
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Relocating Can Be Complicated When Airplanes Are Involved

Housing options may be easy to find, but great hangar options, not so much.
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GA Flight Deck Organizing Tips and Tricks

A few clever ideas for optimizing limited aircraft space.
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A GA Pilot on the Success of Oshkosh

Good times rule, despite foul weather, mosquito bites, and blisters.
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The Early Bird Gets the Good Parking at Oshkosh

For his first flight to EAA AirVenture as an owner, arriving really, really early paid some great benefits.
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AirVenture Packing Tips for the New Owner

These things will make your time in Oshkosh more enjoyable, and they’ll protect you and your new-to-you aircraft.
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Waiting on the First Annual Inspection Bill: A True White-Knuckle Experience

How many fun mods can be added to the list? It all depends on how much the prudent upgrades cost.
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