How Should I Use the Location of Troughs Information in Flight Planning?

An aviation meteorologist explains why troughs are important enough to depict on prog charts.
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Did You Know ForeFlight Did This?

A roundup of the coolest new features on the ForeFlight app from the past few months is showcased at Oshkosh.
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Make Friends With the E6B

Whether the mechanical version, the electronic version, or the app, it can give you important help when you need it.
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How You Can Plan for Fuel Shortages

Experts share insights on what to expect and how you can try to minimize any fuel shortage's effects.
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Your 90-Second Survival Plan for Takeoff Emergencies

Stack the deck in your favor with some simple planning, preflight briefing, and by using a four-part departure framework.
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ForeFlight Rolls Out Update with Hazard Advisor Altitude Previews

The update also includes enhanced weight and balance integrated into flight plans and hazard avoidance integration.
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Coast-to-Coast Training Flight Delivers Quality Time

Florida-to-California LSA trip doubles as granddaughter’s sport pilot training flight.
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Look Past the Moment and Take the Safe Option

When weather or other circumstances force a tough choice, safety should always win over convenience.
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FAA Name Change Signifies a Bigger Mission for NOTAMs

Alteration gives more information and a modern meaning for a common aviation abbreviation.
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ForeFlight Integrates Features into Single Source for BizAv Operators

The dispatch, runway analysis, and weight and balance functions can be shared across a flight department.
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