A Flying Sojourn at Low Levels

Connecting with the past via a Piper Arrow.
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ADS-B: Is Big Brother Really Watching?

The NextGen air traffic control system has been a long time coming.
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SmartSky, Flightcell Demonstrate Ingenuity at AEA Convention

More than 130 companies exhibited their wares at the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) convention this week in Orlando.
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Aircraft Electronics Association Convention Opens in Orlando

During the opening presentation, 33 new products from various aviation companies were introduced.
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On Being a Passenger

A retired commercial pilot takes a trip to Iceland in a non-flying seat.
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Airline Pilots Flying to Age 67?

The unanticipated consequences of hiring incentives.
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How Is an Engine Failure Handled on a Boeing 777?

Considering that a Boeing 777-300 with GE 90-115 engines has a thrust rating of 115,000 pounds per side, the resulting asymmetric thrust from ...
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Qualification Shortage?

There could be unanticipated consequences from airline hiring incentives, according to a retired airline pilot.
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Pilot Training by Bulletin

A former American Airlines pilot weighs in on the carrier's recent—and controversial—altering of its standard operating procedures through a bulletin.
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The JFK Incursion Tragedy That Wasn’t

When a Boeing 777 taxied into the path of a departing Boeing 737 at JFK International Airport, the aviation world was presented with ...
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