When Planning an Airplane Trip, Make Sure the Car Is Ready

You might not mind the windy weather, but think about how your passengers will feel.
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Are There Any Amendment Criteria for a TAF?

When there’s a discrepancy, an aviation weather forecaster can make an update.
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Wait, Is 2022 Over Already?

As a pilot, I'm just getting started on these things that I’ll keep doing in 2023.
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FAA Releases New Weather Handbook

The updated 'Aviation Weather Handbook' includes more than 500 pages of practical information.
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Hot Weather Takes a Toll

Adjusting your training to the demands of summertime flying.
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When Being Wrong is Right

Airline-style aeronautical decision making takes place at the lower flight levels.
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Microgrid Keeps Airport Up and Running After Earthquake

The 6.4 earthquake struck Humboldt County, California before dawn Tuesday, leaving more than 70,000 residents in the dark.
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How Do You Interpret an Eddy Dissipation Rate?

EDR is an aircraft-independent quantifier for how turbulent the atmosphere is, and it’s not a measure of the likelihood of turbulence—just the intensity.
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Say Goodbye to the Traditional AIRMET

The sunset of the textual version comes in the wake of mass acceptance of graphical AIRMETs.
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Ask FLYING: How Can I Get a Special VFR?

Here's how to legally depart Class D airspace when the weather isn't cooperating.
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