Here’s the Lowdown on ‘Vertical Visibility’

During any flight, a pilot will encounter several different flavors of visibility.
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California Airports Reeling from Heavy Rain

Local flooding is impacting air travel.
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Is Flying Through Snow an Icing Hazard?

There are a number of factors to consider carefully.
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What Is Mixed Icing?

The icing type that accretes on your airframe depends on many environmental factors.
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Air Force’s T-7 Red Hawk Undergoes New Round of Testing

Trials at a climatic lab will verify system functionality during operations conducted in extreme temperatures.
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The Point Forecast Sheds New Light on TAFs

The TAF may contain the most difficult aviation weather predictions to make.
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Is Freezing Fog Considered ‘Known Icing Conditions’?

Here’s a breakdown of what the winter weather phenomenon is all about.
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Fog: the Malignant Weather Ninja

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Teaching Analog Skills in a Digital World

Stepping back from digital options requires a different type of learning curve.
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What Is a MOS Forecast?

For an airport without a TAF, a MOS forecast can provide some useful guidance about expected meteorological conditions—but it has some limitations.
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