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Meg Godlewski has been an aviation journalist for more than 20 years and a CFI for more than 18 years. If she is not flying or teaching aviation, she is writing about it. Meg is a founding member of the Pilot Proficiency Center at EAA AirVenture and excels at the application of simulation technology to flatten the learning curve. Follow Meg on Twitter @2Lewski.

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Avoiding Mid-Airs: Safety in the Practice Area

We were about to turn base to final at the non-towered airport when another pilot reported he was on final — but a few miles out. I didn’t see him. Chapter 1 of the FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-3C) notes that all pilots should practice the concept of see and avoid other traffic.

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NetJets to Add Bombardier Global 8000 to Fleet

NetJets will operate a fleet of 24 Global 8000 aircraft, which includes the new firm order for four Global 8000 jets, eight conversions of Bombardier aircraft previously ordered, and aircraft already on order or in service.

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