Milking It: How to Extract Every Last Bit from Airplane and Pilot

The aircraft’s state of utility must be measured only once before a flight, but the aviator’s is a moving target.
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The Things We Men Pilots Do to Impress Women

Some reminders of what not to attempt when you want to ‘go see about a girl’ in your airplane.
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Conversations in Dispatch Can Get Tricky

That voice-of-God vibe air traffic controllers have makes a pilot forget they're allowed to push back.
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Some Just Diagnose Problems Better Than Others

Santa Fe Aero Services in-house avionics guru has the kind of brain that likes to solve puzzles.
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Pilots Don’t Always Communicate Well When Describing Risk

Most in GA aren't always as transparent in departure dialogue with passengers as we should be.
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Time Is Ticking on My Youth—and My Airplane’s Too

It's become quite clear that the fitness of my youth is slipping away at a much faster pace than that of my Beecraft ...
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Food for Flight Is the Way to Go

I love to eat. I also love to fly. So I absolutely love where mozzarella meets magnetos.
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Unchaining the Imaginative Flight Within

The reality of general aviation catches up with dreams of freedom.
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Misses, Near and Far…

Human error is alive and well.
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The Unexpected Perks of an OCD Annual

While obsessive-compulsive disorder may be a pathology you do not wish in your life partner, consider yourself blessed to find it in your ...
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