Current Confidence

When confronted with an inoperative autopilot, a pilot is grateful for recurrent training on his instrument rating.
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Redefining What it Means to Be a ‘Lazy Pilot’

At a certain point, when a pattern becomes so repetitive with zero deviation, you stop looking for the change. It’s confirmation bias at ...
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The Weight of Hearing ‘State Your Intentions’

While consensus is good, in an airplane inflight—where things are moving in real time—it’s an autocracy and there’s only one decision-maker that counts.
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This Pilot-Author Lives His Life In Motion

Airplanes, dirt bikes, and snowboards help keep his life moving, just how he likes it.
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Confirmation ‘Buy’is’

When buying an airplane, emotions can outweigh logic.
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In Aircraft and in Life, Craftsmanship Counts

The work of fanatical artisans wins over 'fast and cheap' every time.
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Dogs Love Trucks, But Not Always Airplanes

The author's loyal companion, his dog, Seven, was enthusiastic about flying in airplanes until she felt 'real' turbulence.
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Sweet Dreams

FLYING contributor Ben Younger remembers the aircraft he loved as a boy and how his dream aircraft has evolved.
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Legal Doesn’t Mean Safe

Columnist Ben Younger learned this lesson the hard way in Telluride, Colorado.
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The Holy Shiver

The only thing we have to fear...
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