Army, Air National Guard Helicopter Accidents a Result of Human Error, GAO Finds

The agency made a list of safety recommendations after studying 298 helicopter accidents from 2012 to 2021.
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Coast Guard Releases Names of Floatplane Accident Victims

Search for floatplane called off.
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Watsonville Mid-Air Collision Victims Identified

Cessna 340A reportedly clipped the wing of the Cessna 152.
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Strategies To Avoid Mid-Air Collisions

We need to do better. Here’s a good place to start.
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Three Killed in California Mid-Air Collision

A Cessna twin overtakes a Cessna 152 at Watsonville Airport.
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NTSB Preliminary Report Sheds Light on Copilot Mid-Air Departure

Copilot ‘got up from his seat, removed his headset, apologized, and departed the airplane via the aft ramp door.’
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NTSB Releases Final Report on Red Bull Crash

An unoccupied airplane stalled and spun to impact.
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NTSB Releases Preliminary Report on Las Vegas Midair

Two airplanes, one runway
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Ditching a Cessna 150

Shoulder harnesses and seat belt cutters are your friends.
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Copilot’s Departure of Aircraft in Mid-Flight Baffles Authorities

Copilot departs aircraft without a parachute before emergency landing.
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