A Night Flight Leads a Pilot to a Tragic End

Rather than reverse course, a former Marine continued to turn until he was heading into the dark unknown of bad weather in 2020.
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Is Flight Training Getting Safer?

AOPA Air Safety Institute and Liberty University School of Aeronautics study delves into 20 years of statistics.
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Dissecting a Tragedy in the Third Dimension

There's quite a difference between simulated IFR and the real thing.
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Gear-Up Landings: There Are Pilots Who Have and Those Who May Have To

Landing an airplane with the wheels not securely down and locked is a dreadful experience, but pilots and passengers are rarely injured.
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King Air 350 Accident Proved to Be Fatal Misstep

The 2019 incident near Dallas exhibited all the signs of a random pilot error.
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MH 370: The One That Disappeared

Conspiracy theories and sensationalism are on display in the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's disappearance in 2014.
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A Skymaster Taking Off on One Engine?

The NTSB links a potentially preventable Cessna 337 accident in remote Alaska to an inadvertent stall.
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AOPA Safety Report Released

AOPA honors Richard McSpadden with renaming of annual study.
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Skyryse’s Automated Autorotation Tech Lands Guinness World Record

The aviation technology startup completed the first fully automated autorotation for an emergency landing, using a tech-equipped Robinson R66.
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NTSB Preliminary Report on Kentucky Fatal Crash Released

The agency says the ill-fated aircraft flew into a thunderstorm.
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