A Pilot Gets Caught Between Procedure and Instinct

Doing what comes naturally as a pilot includes making mistakes.
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Authorities Sift Through Wreckage of China Eastern Crash

Chinese officials confirm there are zero survivors in China Eastern Airlines accident involving a Boeing 737-800 NG.
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Proposed Partnership Could Make Accident Investigation Real for Baylor Students

In conjunction with Waco Regional Airport and an NTSB investigator, students could soon have the opportunity to study real-life aviation accidents up close.
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For One Low-Time Pilot, A Pattern of Small Errors Proves Fatal

Lack of experience rarely leads to the outcome of this Colorado mission.
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NTSB Blames Inexperienced Pilot for Accident That Killed Three

Report also cites unairworthy aircraft as a reason for the 2019 tragedy in DeLand, Florida.
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