Artist will.i.am Headlines $15M Investment in Flying Car Company Jetson

The artist turned entrepreneur will also train to become one of the first pilots of Jetson One, the company’s flagship aircraft.
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Airshare Quadruples Fleet in Deal for Wheels Up Private Management Business

The private aviation services provider, which counts NFL star quarterback Patrick Mahomes as a customer, snapped up 90 aircraft and 300 personnel from ...
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Blue Origin Flights to ‘Soon’ Resume After FAA Closes Investigation

The agency had grounded Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital rocket, which it uses to bring paying customers to the edge of the atmosphere.
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Can Dave Limp Correct Blue Origin’s Limping Pace?

We answer that question and more in this week's Future of FLYING newsletter.
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Horizon Aircraft Announces Plans for 7-Seat Hybrid eVTOL

The Canadian manufacturer initially set its sights on a five-seat prototype before pivoting to a larger model.
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Booster Delivery Marks NASA Artemis II Moon Mission Milestone

After returning its mobile launch pad to Kennedy Space Center in August, NASA is putting the pieces together for its next marquee mission.
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Can Blue Origin Course Correct with Amazon’s Dave Limp at the Helm?

After current CEO Bob Smith’s tumultuous tenure, can Limp get Jeff Bezos’ space tourism baby back in orbit?
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VI&E Solutions, Ace VTOL Plan to Add 700 Vertiports in Oceania Region

The vertiport infrastructure and charging station provider looks to expand its presence on the other side of the Pacific.
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NATO Set to Adopt British MOD Standard for Counter-Drone Technology

The U.K.’s SAPIENT protocol emphasizes plug-and-play sensors and autonomous decision-making—it could change the battlefield calculus in Ukraine.
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VoltAero Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Makes Landmark Flight Fueled by Wine Waste

The company flew its proprietary hybrid-electric powertrain on a demonstrator powered by biofuel produced from vineyard waste.
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