Gaggles and Formations

There are formations… and then there are Formations.
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Let Me Tell You About Tom

Here's to the friends who bring us into the aviation fold.
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Logbook Time Machines

Reminisces of a fun and misspent life aloft.
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My Life of Crime

The long rap sheet only tells part of the tale.
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Lunken Airport’s Grand Old Lady

The historic airfield gets a major facelift.
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Why Me, Lord?

It turns out that bad things happen in threes.
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Thoughts on Closing a Runway

Runway 21R, one of the original paved runways at Cincinnati’s Lunken Airport, has withstood generations of student pilots.
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What is the Oldest Active U.S. Flying Club?

Clubs devoted to flight have existed in the U.S. since the late 1800s.
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Martha Lunken Earns Her Wings (Again)

A check ride marks this pilot's full return to the skies.
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Parking the ‘Flying Fortress’?

A FLYING reader has a question about backing in the iconic Boeing B-17 bomber, and Martha Lunken has the answer.
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