Look Ma, No Hands

This month, companies around the U.S. elevate disability awareness with an emphasis on inclusive practices.
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The Disabled Can Fly: An Able Flight Scholarship Provides the Lift

Disabled pilots confront the possibility of losing their third-class medical.
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Being Overlooked

When you don’t look like what the world thinks should be a “pilot.”
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The Tail Section Arrived—and Things Got Real

Now the clock is ticking to build “The Impossible Airplane,” and the pressure is on.
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The Aviation Family Keeps Getting Stronger

Both in her house and out, the author cheers on people who have caught the flying bug, or she hopes are about to.
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A Thrilling Landing, Followed by a Shocking Twist

A pilot’s first landing at KJFK is nerve-wracking enough, but what happened after the landing shocked everyone.
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Flying By With Limb Loss

Mark Limb Loss Awareness Month by learning a bit about disability culture
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The Armless Pilot Finds a Kindred Spirit

While at an Arizona fly-in, the author learns of a seaplane pilot dealing with a similar disability.
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Wings of Inspiration Continue to Inspire

Surprising generosity gives a springboard to a dream realized.
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Being an Armless Pilot Opened an Amazing Door

Notoriety from an historic accomplishment gives this one-of-a-kind pilot an inspiring opportunity.
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