AirVenture Is Not Just About the Airplanes

The annual EAA air show is like a big family reunion—a place where people come to belong, including those with disabilities.
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Engineering Opportunities for Pilots With Disabilities

A former fighter pilot who became the first paraplegic to build and fly a helicopter offers inspiration for others.
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The Impossible Airplane Showcases Aviation Innovation

A team is modifying the gull-wing door of a Van’s RV-10 for improved disability access.
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Simulated Testing Underway for World’s first Foot-Controlled Airplane

Members of an EAA chapter and a team of engineering students are custom modifying a Van’s RV-10 as a model for pilots with ...
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Why Representation Matters

Just as a little girl would be inspired by seeing a female pilot, someone with a disability would be encouraged by seeing a ...
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The Fear of Flight

The emotional challenge that comes with the fear of losing contact with the ground can be overwhelming.
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Why Are Horses Going To Pull an Airplane Through a Parade?

As our float joins the parade, children with limb differences can see me, someone who looks like them, celebrating what makes her different.
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Seeing Possibility in the Impossible

Kaiya Armstrong flew a Cessna from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Washington, D.C. in October. She's also legally blind.
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Changing the World One Flight at a Time

Opportunities in aviation for people with disabilities are rare in other countries compared to the U.S.
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A Museum for All Abilities

The ‘We All Fly’ exhibition at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum includes GA pilot stories.
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