Video: Flying Aerobatics in a T-6 Texan

Watch Flying's managing editor do loops and rolls in the legendary World War II trainer.

I recently got the chance to go up in a T-6 Texan at a Breitling event in Pompano Beach, Florida, with Thom Richards, chief pilot and president of Warbird Adventures.

This would be my first flight in a warbird and my first time flying aerobatics; I was jittery with nervous excitement. But while we taxied down the runway, the deafening roar of the Pratt & Whitney engine somehow put me at ease.

As we soared above the Florida coast, I followed along with Thom on the first loop and roll, and then he let me take the controls.

It. Was. Awesome.

Warbird Adventures offers flights in its T-6 in Kissimmee, Florida, so anyone can experience this incredible World War II trainer.