Watch as We Fly the Tecnam P-Mentor

The two-seat trainer is flying around Europe—and we get a demo flight in Italy.

A crop of new training aircraft have come on the scene, and Tecnam’s P-Mentor joins those ranks with a certain Italian flair. The brainchild of the family that founded the Capua-based company, the Pascales, the P-Mentor goes beyond light sport with its EASA CS-23-certificated, two-seat airplane, which boasts a Garmin G3X Touch avionics suite and other high-tech touches.

Though FAA certification is still pending, the P-Mentor has made it into flight training fleets across Europe, with plans to follow in the U.S. soon. FLYING editor-in-chief Julie Boatman visits the OEM and flies the P-Mentor over the Italian countryside north of Naples (Napoli) in this pilot report.


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