This 1968 Beechcraft E33 Debonair Is an Impressively Updated ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

A thoroughly modern glass panel gives the vintage four-seat retractable the look of a new airplane.

1968 Beechcraft E33 Debonair [Courtesy: Russell Lathem]

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While it is true that in 1960 Beechcraft marketed the new “straight tail” Debonair as a basic, lower-priced version of its flagship V-tail Bonanza, that modest approach did not last long. Many customers chose the Debonair more for its speed, style, and handling. These were largely the same reasons other buyers preferred the V-tail models, and Beechcraft realized that offering two distinct versions of the Bonanza attracted more buyers.

Eventually the company dropped the Debonair name and began selling the model with the same high level of standard equipment as the upmarket V-tail.

Today pilots can step into a Debonair like the example for sale here and find contemporary glass-panel avionics that make the vintage airplane seem new. And while these Beechcrafts from the 1960s might be close to 60 years old they still display the responsive, harmonious handling and strong performance that have kept the model in production for decades.

This 1968 Debonair has 6,698 hours on the airframe and 523 hours on its engine since overhaul. The aircraft also is equipped with D’Shannon engine baffles and easy-access cowling, and D’Shannon cockpit side windows.

The panel features Garmin G500 PFD and MFD, Garmin GTN 650, GI 275 backup multifunction attitude indicator, GTX 345 with GPS and encoder, and  EDM 730 engine monitor with fuel flow.   

Pilots looking for a fast, comfortable traveling airplane with a panel nicely upgraded with mostly glass avionics should consider this 1968 Beechcraft E33 Debonair, which is available for $230,000 on AircraftForSale.

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