Stallion 51 Launches IFR Upset Training Program

Program offers training in an L-39.

Stallion 51, a company out of Kissimmee, Florida, known for its P-51 Mustang training, has launched a subsidiary called UAT — an upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) program that provides training specifically targeted to corporate pilots.

UAT uses an Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros that is uniquely equipped to do UPRT training in a VFR and IFR environment. The airplane is equipped with full glass cockpits in the front and back, including Garmin G500 PFDs and MFDs, Garmin GNS 530s and Dynon backup electronic flight information systems.

In addition to providing UPRT in a glass panel environment, what separates UAT from other programs is the IFR aspect. “Unusual attitude training in a simulator isn’t real,” said UAT president, CEO and chief flight instructor, Lee Lauderback. So rather than using a simulator to train pilots how to recover from upset attitudes in instrument meteorological conditions, UAT covers up the rear cockpit of the L-39 with a curtain that prevents the pilot from looking outside. “One peek is worth a thousand scans and you can’t peek out of this,” said Lauderback.

To improve the debrief session after the flight training the flights are filmed by several cameras — one on the vertical stabilizer, one directed on the student and one focused on the instruments. The subsequent video uses a split-screen format, allowing the student and instructor to evaluate whether the student is applying the correct techniques to prevent and recover from the upset attitudes.

Another unique feature of the program is a closer look at the aeromedical factors associated with UPRT, provided by instructor and flight surgeon Dr. William Busch. “We’re one of the few civilian flight operations other than the airlines that have our own flight surgeon on staff and he is key to the unusual attitude training program,” said Lauderback.

The cost for the full two-day VFR/IFR program is $7,500. Lauderback says you can choose to fly the P-51 Mustang for the VFR portion of the training for the same price. You can also choose to do only the VFR portion for $4,500 or the ground portion for $1,000.


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