Bucket List: Airport in the Sky

Catalina Airport (KAVX) offers pilots a unique challenge and breathtaking views.
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A Look at the HondaJet 2600 Concept

We take a deep dive into the potential follow-on to Honda Aircraft's HA-420.
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The Pilots of STOL Drag

These competitors know how to maximize their pilot skills and flying fun.
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The Thrush 510G Switchback is a Potent Weapon Against Wildfires

Agility and pinpoint accuracy, along with several key features, make it the right aircraft for the job.
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We Fly: Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen 2

The flagship CJ just got a whole lot better.
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When’s the Right Time to Buy Your First Airplane?

Thinking about taking the plunge can bring on a range of emotions, but there's work to do before you actually jump in.
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The Dream of Flying Takes This Pilot on a Winding Road

Despite perceived gender barriers and the fallout from 9/11, this woman's dream of becoming an airline pilot was finally realized—with the help of ...
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From Terror to Triumph

Flying with my son started as a challenge, but special experiences ensued.
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Partners Combine to Deliver Integrated Flight App

APG, Seattle Avionics, and RocketRoute deliver iPreFlight Genesis Pro to streamline flight planning.
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Honda Unveils HondaJet 2600 Concept

A sibling of the HA-420, the new jet would provide greater range and speed.
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