Tell Us Which Cover You Like Best

We’re putting out a special adventure issue to subscribers, and we want to hear from you.

Next up for FLYING subscribers? Our first Adventure Guide! For this special print issue, we’ve chosen the southeastern U.S., because it not only sits within easy cross-country flying distance for many of our readers, but it’s also centered upon the Mid South, the new home of FLYING magazine. 

We want to share our homegrown knowledge of these special destinations—and we look forward to expanding upon this concept in the future with other special editions of FLYING for subscribers only.

As a sneak preview, we’re asking you to peek behind the curtain at the choices we’re contemplating for this special Adventure Guide cover—they’re a preview of the places we’ll fly to inside. It’s a full 116 pages worth of pilot-optimized, destination-focused features, with tips for outfitting your flight bag and your airplane for the journey, adding to your skill set for flying into some of the region’s coolest grass strips, plus a look at weather in the Southeast region.

So take a look and tell us which cover you would choose…and subscribe to see the real deal in your mailbox!


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