Sun ’n Fun’s Home Edition Features Performer Profiles

On Tuesdays and Thursdays in May 2020, tune in for exclusive interviews.

Not a moment has gone to waste since the folks behind the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo made the painful decision to cancel the event in Lakeland, Florida, for 2020. Instead, they’ve thrown their collective (and substantial) energies behind creating Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo Home Edition—a robust experience launched via a dedicated website in April.

While the team ramps up towards a main event—the fundraising Home Edition Live Online Benefit Broadcast planned for May 30—they’re featuring performers for that show in a series of profiles that livestream every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings up until the week before the event.

This week’s Tuesday broadcast features Dougherty Airshows, for example. Paul Dougherty has been flying in airshows since 1998—and he’s totaled more than 23,000 hours in his logbook. Through Dougherty Airshows, he flies a routine featuring either a 230-hp Christen Eagle or a Great Lakes biplane from 1930. But one of the best parts of his performance is now that of Caroline Dougherty, his daughter and announcer. On the Sun ‘n Fun Home Edition Performer Profile slated for May 12, at 6 pm EDT, the pair will share pilot stories—and family tales, as well as what it means to them to be in the airshow business. LiveAirShowTV produces the livestream—and we’ll have it on Flying’s Air Show page for you too.

The group is also selling its Sun ‘n Fun 2020 merchandise with a special promotional patch that you can add to t-shirts and the like for an additional $2. If you’re caught wearing “The Greatest Airshow That Never Happened” patch while attending next year’s Sun ‘n Fun 2021 event, you’ll be in the running for a series of prizes and giveaways.


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