Flying’s Virtual Air Show

The power—the finesse—the heart-stopping action—the extreme talent possessed by a select few pilots that inspire and entertain us when they fly—that’s what air shows mean to us. We can’t miss a moment—and neither should you!

Flying brings you all of the air show action you crave through our virtual Air Show hub, in partnership with great aviation performers and pilots from across the spectrum.

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Bethpage 2021 Air Show

It's time to kick off the next live air show of 2021 with the Bethpage Air Show in Jones Beach, New York! With LiveAirShowTV you can watch the livestream right here, all day long on Saturday, May 29.

The show features the Air Force Thunderbirds, GEICO Skytypers, Mike Goulian, the A-10C Thunderbolt II Demo Team, the US Army Golden Knights, a C-5 Galay, and the US Coast Guard MH-65 plus warbirds and more! Hosted by Rob Reider and Steph Stricklen, the action starts at 9:30 am EDT.

2021 Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo

Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo is back! With procedures in place to address ongoing pandemic concerns, the legacy spring air show and fly-in has renewed itself for 2021. While the event sponsors and hosts look forward to seeing pilots in person during the week of April 12-18, 2021, they understand not everyone can make it to Lakeland, Florida, to see the event live. So, in conjunction with our friends at LiveAirShowTV, Flying plans to host several livestreams starting on Thursday, April 15, right here on our Virtual Air Show hub!

First, there's the Thursday Preview Show at 4:30 pm ET. Next up, another peek at the show beginning at 12:30 pm ET on Friday, April 16. Check in with us on Saturday, April 17, at 12:30 pm ET, as well as on Sunday, April 18, at 12:30 pm ET for more of the ongoing action. We'll post from the show itself beginning on Tuesday, April 13. "See" you there!

2020 Sun 'n Fun Holiday Flying Festival STOL Competition

If you can't make it to Lakeland, Florida, for the Sun 'n Fun Holiday Flying Festival, you can still tune into the STOL action right here! Produced by LiveAirShowTV, the preliminary STOL rounds take place on Friday, December 4, starting at 10 am EST, and going til the sun goes down and each category is won! The finals will be streamed via a pay-per-view link on Saturday, December 5, starting at 9 am EST. For more on the event, check out our story. And look for updates to come on Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo and more STOL events on 

Arsenal of Democracy Flyover: Washington, DC

To honor and to serve: a consortium of aviation organizations have come together to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, with a glorious parade of historic warbirds over the Washington Mall in DC on September 25, 2020. Our Reels on Instagram take you behind the scenes as the crews fly practice runs over the Virginia countryside—and our photo gallery here captures those moments for you to reflect on. Catch the livestream at 10 am EDT at the Arsenal of Democracy site or on the group’s Facebook page. 

LiveAirShowTV Hosts NAS Oceana Air Show

You don’t have to make the pilgrimage to the coast of Virginia to catch the latest in live air show action—no matter how much the thought of seeing four hours of live fly-bys featuring the latest military hardware sounds appealing after a long summer’s drought. In fact, you can’t even if you wanted to this year—attendance at the 2020 Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana Air Show was cancelled in July to help combat the spread of COVID-19. Instead, LiveAirShowTV will broadcast direct from NAS Oceana on Saturday, September 19, from noon to 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time and we’re beaming it to you right here. 

LiveAirShowTV: Thunder Over Cedar Creek

Celebrate Independence Day with a truly LIVE air show! Produced by the folks at LiveAirShowTV, Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake in Texas promises to bring incredible action—as the first public airshow of the 2020 season! Starting with the rehearsal at 6 pm CDT on the eve of Friday, July 3, featuring the A-10 Demo Team, and getting into the heart of the show on Saturday, July 4, at 6 pm CDT, with the show hosted by Air Boss Randy Ball. Come here for the show on Saturday—and check in with LiveAirShowTV on Facebook for the rehearsal on Friday. The show benefits the Cedar Creek Lake Veterans Foundation

Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo Home Edition

With change comes opportunity--and now, here's your chance to experience Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo like never before! The Sun 'n Fun Home Edition has launched with a series of special livestream events, hosted by LiveAirShowTV on Facebook Live, that lead up to the grande finale, the Virtual Expo, and Airshow to take place on May 30, 2020, as a fundraiser for the Aerospace Center of Excellence in Lakeland, Florida.

For now, join us here on Tuesdays and Thursdays in May at 6 pm EDT for a series of Performer Profiles. You can also access the archived episodes here and on Sun 'n Fun Home Edition.

LiveAirShowTV: Socially Distant Airshow

Though we may be keeping our appropriate social distance these days, we can still join together virtually for our favorite past time—when we’re not flying, of course—thrilling in the joy of the world’s top air show performers as they work their magic.

Join LiveAirShowTV online for the Socially D I S T A N T Airshow, starring top video from your favorite performers as they engage with veteran announcers Matt Jolley, Rob Reiner, and Ric Peterson. They’ll not only entertain you but also help raise funds for those in the air show family who are being hit hard during the coronavirus stay-at-home situation.

Thanks to the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS Foundation) for their support. Join us here on FLYING’s Air Show hub for our coverage of the 3-day event, on April 21 to 23, starting at 3 pm EDT

Socially D I S T A N T Airshow: Day 1

Socially D I S T A N T Airshow: Day 2

Socially D I S T A N T Airshow: Day 3


The center of all the action--and sometimes right around the corner from where you live--the airshow brings the power and talent of some of the world’s most talented pilots for you to witness firsthand. 

But airshows aren’t just about watching the best-of-the-best slice through the skies above you--they also put you in touch with your fellow pilots for camaraderie and fun--and they give those that are passionate enough about the aviation industry to make it their business the chance to show you the latest aircraft, avionics, accessories, and tools.


Arsenal of Democracy Plans Virtual Flyover


From the famous Air Force Thunderbirds and Navy Blue Angels to the AeroShell T-6 team and Breitling’s jet specialists--it takes special skill to translate aerobatic flight into a performance in close formation. Airshows bring these teams together to show you how it’s done--and we go behind the scenes to talk with the pilots and coordinators who do the heavy lifting. 

We Spent a Day Training and Flying with the Breitling Jet Team

Watch us go up in an L-39C Albatros jet trainer with the Breitling Jet Team in Pompano Beach, Florida.

We Spent a Day Training and Flying with the Breitling Jet Team

Watch us go up in an L-39C Albatros jet trainer with the Breitling Jet Team in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Flying in Formation with the Breitling Jet Team

We goes for an adrenalin-pumping ride in an L-39C Albatros jet trainer with the Breitling Jet Team in Pompano Beach, Florida.

In-Flight With AeroShell Aerobatic Team

Exclusive video captures precision AT-6 Texan formation like never before.

Performer Spotlight

Aspiring to the pinnacle of their profession, pilots such as Patty Wagstaff, Sean D. Tucker, Michael Goulian, Kirby Chambliss—and those who keep pushing the art forward—come to airshows to express the highest form of their craft. Watch as some of the world’s best, most creative fliers take to the skies and give you a few minutes of incredible artistry that will inspire you for a long time to come.

When a professional pilot dedicates their entire life to the pursuit of excellence in flying, it shows. Consummate performers like Julie Clark, Debby Rihn-Harvey, Skip Stewart, and perhaps a few that aren’t household names—yet—will inspire you with their commitment to the craft. We take you into their logbooks so that you can get to know them—and figure out if there’s some application of their routine that might help you to become a more competent aviator.


The air races in Reno set the standard--and Red Bull kicked it up a notch with its closed-circuit races around the globe--but the world of aerial competition continues to expand and grow into new forms. We’ve witnessed the explosion (no pun intended) of the STOL competitions, where a whole new kind of piloting skill goes to the test. Join us as the top competitors meet in events both on a grand scale--and where aerobatic competition gets started locally.