Sporty's Launches Flying Club Initiative

New rebate program aims to promote flying clubs.

Sporty's Flying Club

Sporty's Flying Club

AOPA's initiative to promote flying clubs around the country, which was announced at last year's AOPA Summit in Palm Springs, California, has inspired Sporty's to launch a program to aid clubs as well. Sporty's is offering 5 percent rebates on all purchases from customers who are members of a registered flying club.

"We are in support of any initiative that spurs pilots to fly more and keeps the price of flying down," said Michael Wolf, Sporty's president.

In order to participate, the flying club must register and provide a copy of its bylaws at The bylaws must allow for new membership in order for the club to qualify. Once the club is registered, a list of members can be added. New members can be added to the list by the flying club at any time, but Sporty's requests a biannual review of the list to ensure that there are no people on the list that are no longer members of the club.

When any of the registered members makes a purchase, 5 percent of the bill will be credited to the flying club. Members are associated with the flying club through their email addresses, so their purchases are automatically recorded with the club. The rebates will be issued on a quarterly basis up to a maximum of $5,000 per year.

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