Aerobatics and the Importance of Altitude

A pilot tries a loop in a Fairchild PT-19.
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An Alpha Male Flirts with Bravo Airspace on a Sightseeing Excursion

A flight in the Great Lakes biplane tangles with San Diego airspace.
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A Visit to a Grass Strip Teaches a Pilot Valuable Lessons

When the field is truly soft—and muddy—it pays to check conditions beforehand.
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A Pilot Recalls the Most Basic Lesson of Airmanship

It was a great day for instrument approaches in the Cherokee 180.
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When Flying By Your Own Rules Nearly Causes a Midair Collision

The hazardous attitudes of other pilots may make you come to grief.
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Lesson Learned on a Flight in Unfamiliar Territory

Flight instruction is the ultimate teaching environment—for a CFI.
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A Student’s First Flight to a Towered Airport Nearly Goes Terribly Wrong

It leads to a close call with a Boeing 707.
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Oxygen Issue in a Cessna CJ2

A pilot quickly finds the reason for his pressurization problem.
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Panic Over Pacific Thunderstorms

When the weather is not as bad as you think, don’t let it affect your emotions.
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It’s Called the CTAF for a Reason

Use the traffic advisory frequency to coordinate with other pilots.
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