Lesson Learned on a Flight in Unfamiliar Territory

Flight instruction is the ultimate teaching environment—for a CFI.
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A Student’s First Flight to a Towered Airport Nearly Goes Terribly Wrong

It leads to a close call with a Boeing 707.
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Oxygen Issue in a Cessna CJ2

A pilot quickly finds the reason for his pressurization problem.
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Panic Over Pacific Thunderstorms

When the weather is not as bad as you think, don’t let it affect your emotions.
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It’s Called the CTAF for a Reason

Use the traffic advisory frequency to coordinate with other pilots.
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Rushing the Preflight Inspection

Two seconds of time would have saved a towbar—and more.
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Post-Maintenance Test Pilot

Make a first flight after work on your airplane with a dose of caution.
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Down to Empty Fuel Tanks

Low fuel in a Varga leads to a runway overrun.
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Density-Altitude Debacle Leads To Near Disaster

Departing a high-elevation airport in warm weather strains the capabilities of a Grumman Tiger.
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Terror at 25,000 Feet

Losing the windshield—then losing the engine
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