Video: Man Builds Flying Chariot Out of Drones

Backyard flying machine uses 54 propellers.

“Swarm Man” takes to the sky — er, several feet off the ground — in a DIY super drone that sounds like an army of bees.

The homebuilt flying machine is equipped with 54 counter-rotating propellers fastened in a hexagonal pattern, with a chair in the center. It’s also rigged with a polycarbonate dome, which provides protection and rain cover, in addition to a polythene bubble that contributes to lift. Future modifications to the vehicle may include a tail rotor for greater yaw authority.

Costing about 6,000 euros to build, the backyard flying machine is “never intended for making a significant journey or flying much above head height,” according the video description.

Watch “Swarm Man” in his drone-powered chariot.

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