Flight Chops: Survive a Forced Landing in the Winter Wilderness

This week's throwback Thursday edition of Flight Chops begins with a simple question: Could you survive with nothing but the kit in your airplane? "It's the responsibility of the pilot in command to keep their aircraft and passengers safe," Steve Thorne, AKA Flight Chops, explains in the opening of this video from earlier in the year. "That includes dealing with a forced landing that could leave you stranded."

And because he's the best at throwing himself into any situation for the sake of a learning experience, Chops attended a Survival Shakedown course to answer the question himself. As he pointed out, there was plenty of blood, sweat and tears, and there was especially enough educational content to produce two parts:

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For more on Survival Shakedown, check out the website. As always, be sure to enter the latest Flight Chops giveaway, which includes a subscription to Flying and other awesome prizes.


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