Dynon’s SkyView HDX Avionics Come to Hundreds More GA Airplanes

Blanket STC approval covers installations in nearly 600 popular GA piston singles.

Dynon Certified, a division of Dynon Avionics based in Woodinville, Washington, today announced a significant expansion of the Approved Model List STC for its SkyView HDX line of products that will allow the products to be installed in nearly nearly 600 type-certified single-engine aircraft.

SkyView HDX is Dynon’s top-of-the line avionics suite. Features include primary and multifunction flight displays, synthetic vision, moving maps, flight planning and navigation, engine monitoring, Mode S transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out capability, ADS-B In traffic and weather depiction and Dynon’s comm radio.

“From the moment Dynon Certified introduced its groundbreaking STC for SkyView HDX, we’ve heard from thousands of aircraft owners wishing we’d add their aircraft to the approved model list next,” said Michael Schofield, Dynon director of marketing. “Now, with FAA approval for nearly 600 aircraft models, we can deliver on those requests.”

The basic SkyView HDX system including primary and backup flight displays, synthetic vision, VFR mapping, flight planning, and navigation start at $7,630. STC pricing for all aircraft models in the AML expansion is $2,000. Displays are available in both 10-inch and 7-inch sizes to suit a variety of instrument panel configurations. Engine monitoring, additional displays and other features and controls are optional, Dynon said.

Dynon describes the SkyView HDX system as “fully integrated but modular,” allowing pilots to tailor installations to their aircraft’s unique mission and needs. Additional options available for all AML STC approved aircraft include complete engine monitoring with CHTs, EGTs, fuel flow, fuel computer and lean assist; Mode S Transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out; ADS-B Traffic and Weather display; comm Radio; and Electronic Flight Bag features.

Dynon’s integrated autopilot featuring IFR approach capability when SkyView is integrated with a compatible navigator is also available in the Cessna 172 F through S models and Bonanza P35 through V35B models. The Bonanza approval, Dynon notes, includes yaw damper capability. Autopilot approvals for additional aircraft will be continuously released “over the coming months,” Dynon said. As of this month, Dynon said it is actively working on autopilot approvals for Bonanza 36s, Cessna 182s and Piper Seneca models.

Dynon Certified products are available through a nationwide network of Dynon Authorized Installation Centers. Pilots can also opt to buy directly from Dynon and have it installed at their preferred avionics shop or by an A&P/IA.

Dynon’s updated approved model list covers 592 type certified piston single-engine aircraft, including most aircraft made by Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney, Grumman and nearly 40 other manufacturers. The complete AML is available at dynon.aero/stcaircraft.


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