Breitling Launches Patrouille Suisse Chronograph

Special edition watch celebrates anniversary of Swiss Air Force team.

Breitling Patrouille Suisse Chronograph

Breitling Patrouille Suisse Chronograph

** Breitling Patrouille Suisse Chronograph**

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the renowned Swiss Formation Team Patrouille Suisse, Swiss watch maker has released a special edition watch that is as much art as it is timepiece. The Chronomat 44 GMT Patrouille Suisse 50th Anniversary watch is unmistakably an aviation watch, with a flashy and classy dial adorned with miniature jet airplanes and with a case-back engraved with the 50th Anniversary Patrouille Suisse logo. Breitling will make just 1,000 of the watches, and they expect them to sell fast.

There are useful aviation features, apart from setting yourself apart as a proud aviator, that is. The second hour hand, which is used to display a second time zone, such as Zulu time, is adorned with a bright red miniature replica of a Northrop F-5E Tiger jet, the airplanes flown by the six-ship aerobatic formation team. Behind the hands lies a black dial with the flight team’s red and yellow logo in a miniature dial at the nine-o-clock position. The rotating bezel serves to provide a third 24-hour time zone reading.

The watch features Bretiling’s self-winding chronograph movement and is water resistant to 660 feet, a feature that you'll hopefully never need as a pilot. The timepiece comes with the steel pilot bracelet pictured and sells for just north of $10,000.

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