Garmin G3X Goes Touch

Experimental pilot get another touch screen option.

On the heels of Garmin’s introduction of an angle-of-attack indicator that can integrate with the G3X avionics system, designed for amateur-built, experimental and light sport aircraft, the Olathe, Kansas-based company has announced a new touch-screen version of the system. In addition to providing touch screen features, the G3X Touch can be incorporated with a slew of Garmin products to provide the pilot with the latest in avionics capabilities.

The G3X Touch includes all the glass panel features, including EFIS, moving map displays, WAAS GPS capabilities, synthetic vision, terrain and obstacle features and engine indicating system (EIS) capabilities. Additionally, the G3X interfaces with Garmin’s GMC 305 autopilot, allowing pilots to control the autopilot through the touch screen. The G3X can also incorporate Garmin’s transponder, communications radio and intercom, including 3D radio features that makes sounds appear in different areas of the headset. When incorporated with the communications system, the G3X also includes frequency identification on the screen. Garmin’s portable Virb camera can also be incorporated to show video in a window on the PFD screen.

The system is also compatible with Garmin’s GDL 39R, a remotely mounted ADS-B receiver that can display traffic and weather without a subscription. Another option is satellite weather and radio through SiriusXM, a system that requires a subscription.

Pilots can choose to install anywhere from one to three displays, depending on the panel space. While the cost for the system varies depending on the selected features, a well-equipped one-screen system starts at $5,499, Garmin said. Like the recently announced Dynon SkyView Touch, Garmin has made 10.6-inch touch screen compatible with existing G3X hardware to allow operators to make the switch to the new system for a much lower cost.

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