Aspen Avionics, Trio Avionics Release Integrated Autopilot Packages

The unification of Trio Pro Pilot autopilot and Aspen display packages for more than 12 aircraft models.

Trio Pro Pilot Components [Courtesy: Aspen Avionics, Trio Avionics]

Are you in the market for an autopilot for your Part 23 certified aircraft?

Aspen Avionics and Trio Avionics (The STC Group LLC) have released the integration of Trio Pro Pilot autopilot and Aspen display packages for more than 12 aircraft models.

The combined packages feature the Aspen Evolution E5 flight display and Trio Pro Pilot autopilot, starting at $10,750 when acquired from Aspen Avionics and Trio authorized dealers.

The baseline Evolution E5 consolidates an attitude indicator plus a horizontal situation indicator (HSI) into a single display and protects it with a rechargeable backup battery. The installation of the Evolution E5 enables owners to remove their vacuum system and does not require a backup attitude indicator.

The Evolution E5 also includes Global Position System Steering (GPSS), air data computer, and attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS).

According to Aspen, the Trio Pro Pilot encompasses the performance and safety features of Trio's other systems, packaging it in a single panel-mounted instrument. The functionality for the E5 and Pro MAX PFD includes selected heading and course, corrected barometric altitude, selected altitude, GPSS, and GPS LPV approaches.

“Trio Avionics is pleased to offer our autopilot integration with the Aspen Avionics flight display system to the general aviation community," said Jeff Odum, managing director and sales manager of STC Group. "Like Aspen, we firmly adopt the concept of offering affordable avionics alternatives. Aspen Avionics systems are by far the most intuitive interface we will develop. We look to add more functionality as the relationship progresses.”

“Aspen welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with Trio Avionics to provide an affordable digital autopilot/electronic flight display (EFIS) system for aircraft owners seeking an alternative option beyond a single manufacturer," said Mark Ferrari, vice president of sales and customer support for Aspen Avionics.

The Pro Pilot autopilot pricing starts at $5,995. The autopilot enablement software, when integrated with the Aspen display(s), can be purchased for an additional $200.

Customers with existing Trio Avionics autopilots can return their control head to the company to complete the integration for $400.

Meg Godlewski has been an aviation journalist for more than 24 years and a CFI for more than 20 years. If she is not flying or teaching aviation, she is writing about it. Meg is a founding member of the Pilot Proficiency Center at EAA AirVenture and excels at the application of simulation technology to flatten the learning curve. Follow Meg on Twitter @2Lewski.

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