Nextant G90XT Launched in Partnership with GE

Reborn King Air to be powered by GE H80 engines.

Nextant and GE are collaborating on a new turboprop twin — the G90XT announced at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas. Like Nextant’s 400XTi, the turboprop adds new technology to a refurbished airframe, in this case the King Air C90. Nextant is adding brand new GE H80 engines, Garmin G1000 avionics and a new cabin to the airframe.

The G90XT, which Nextant claims is the first remanufactured turboprop, is expected to enter the market next year with a price tag of $2.2 million. Beechcraft introduced the C90 in the early 1980s and, since then, 1,500 airplanes have been delivered in the series, so Nextant expects to have a sufficient number of fuselages to select from. The birth of the G90XT will take place Cleveland, Ohio in a facility next door to where Nextant’s 400XTi is currently being produced.

GE’s H80 engine is electronically controlled, which means the propeller controls are no more. The airplane will have one control lever for each engine and full auto-start capability. The H80 engine is capable of producing up to 800 shp and has a 3,600-hour TBO with no hot section inspection required. Nextant also claims the engine combined with propellers specifically designed for the G90XT will increase range and fuel efficiency while decreasing cabin noise.

Nextant’s president Sean McGeough alluded that Nextant’s partnership with GE gives the company potential to continue to expand its product line. With more than 7,000 King Airs delivered to date, the opportunity for growth in the turboprop market for Nextant’s concept is great. Customers should be aware, however, that, because Nextant’s refurbishments involve significant engineering modifications, Beechcraft’s service network will not be able to support the airplanes.

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